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Have you ever looked at your science core curriculum and wondered what something meant?  For example, in the 2nd grade core, Standard 3, Objective 1a, "Observe falling objects and identify things that prevent them from reaching the ground."  Does that mean they're being held from a string? Or maybe they have wings and are flying? Or maybe, it's a bridge that has pillars keeping the road up?  Are all of these possible answers or are none of them right?  And, what is the main concept we are trying to teach?  When we have questions like this we talk about them with our colleagues and maybe teachers from other schools to get ideas.  What if you had access to ask a question like this to hundreds of teachers just like you from around the state.  THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF A FORUM.

A forum is a discussion area on a website where members can post topics and then read and respond to posts by other members.  A forum only works when other member are there to read and reply.  We hope that this will become a tool to not only clarify concepts but also share ideas for lessons and demos as well.  Members of the USTA board will try to get on every now and then but we are relying on all of you to answer each others questions and work to improve science education around the state. 
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