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Endorsement Courses:  Open to all teachers not just those seeking endorsements.  Great Courses for Professional Development and Learning!

All licensed Utah Secondary Science teachers are required to have an approved Science Endorsement to teach science in the State of Utah.  These endorsement requirements include a specific college degree or college coursework, safety certification, and a Praxis test.  For information about secondary science endorsement requirements see the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Science Website in the "Educator Endorsement" Tab. 

USTA desires to help our members meet all state requirements to obtain new science endorsements, fulfill State Approved Endorsement Plans (SAEPs), and broaden their science content knowledge and teaching skills. USTA now offers two kinds of Endorsement courses to meet teacher needs:
  • USTA Summer Endorsement Courses - These courses occur between June and August while teachers are on break, They are only one week long, and they give teachers a face-to-face and hands-on learning opportunity
  • USTA/UEN Online Endorsement Courses - These courses occur throughout the year in an online setting so teachers can make time in the week when it works for them. Each course is setup on a 12 week schedule and require between 4-6 hours a week. Every week includes four modules: Content learning, Discussion, Classroom Application, and weekly wrap-up assignment. 

REMEMBER, most principals are happy to cover the cost of summer courses and credit fees if it a necessary part of an SAEP or supports instruction. Usually, teachers that approach their administrators early in the school year and can show them how it will help their school's science department and students have better success with support. Don't be scared to ask, the worse that can happen is you are told "We'll help cover half" or maybe "not this year". 

All course are scheduled but depend on enrollment - 10 participants is generally the minimum number to run a course, so encourage your friends and colleagues.

USTA Summer Endorsement Courses:

USTA offers week-long endorsement courses over the summer months in partnership with Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, and Southern Utah University.  All courses are taught by highly qualified instructors that have experience in K-12 classrooms like yours.  The classes are designed to be hand-on and inquiry based so that teachers can learn the lessons/techniques and take them back to use in their classrooms.  Each class lasts for only one week and generally starts Monday and ends Friday.


  • The cost for each course is $550 for a current USTA Member and $800 for a Non USTA Member (Join USTA and save significantly). This covers the price of the instructor, class location, supplies, food (lunch and snacks), and university credit recording fees. The USTA Astronomy & Geology courses, held at the UVU Capitol Reef Field Station, will cost an additional $100 for overnight lodging and meals.
  • Participants are responsible for all travel, evening meals, and (for courses that are not at UVU Capitol Reef Field Station) lodging costs. 
  • The registration cost includes the fee to post the University Credit to a transcript. There is no requirement that participants are a matriculated student at the university to earn credit.
 Course Title Start DateLocation
June 4, 2018 - 9:00 AM
June 10, 2018 - 7:00 PM
June 18, 2018 - 8:00 AM
June 18, 2018 - 8:00 AM
June 25, 2018 - 8:00 AM

June 25, 2018 - 9:00 AM
Brigham Young University (BYU) - Eyring Science Center, N-106
UVU Field Station, Capitol Reef National Park
Westlake High School, Saratoga Springs
BYU - Field Trip to Utah's West Desert Thursday & Friday
Oak Canyon Jr. High School, Lindon

Brigham Young University (BYU) - Eyring Science Center, N-106

USTA/UEN Online Endorsement Courses:

In a partnership with the Utah Education Network (UEN), USTA now offers online endorsement courses to better meet the needs of Utah educators who are pursuing science endorsements. These online courses are developed by Utah teachers and community experts to support teaching the Utah Core Standards; building deep content knowledge in science to support instruction; and effective teaching strategies that are best practice to help support student success in college and career. The classes use rubrics that align with the vision for science education articulated in our core standards, as well as the Literacy for Science standards articulated in the English Language Arts core documents.

Course designs are aligned to the principles of adult learning, based on the Vella approach to Dialogue Education, and support high quality, collaborative learning that will be immediately relevant and applicable to one’s teaching.

Please note:

  • All USTA/UEN online science endorsement courses will count towards Utah State Board of Education Endorsement Requirements. Each USTA/UEN online course description lists the endorsement course requirements that it fulfills. After successful completion of the course participants will receive 3.0 Southern Utah University Credits post to an SUU Transcript.
  • The online science endorsement courses require participants to practice science lessons in either a classroom setting or with a group of at least five individuals (can be family and friends). In signing up for this course, you may need to be able to have weekly access to one of these two settings to complete assignments.
  • These courses are designed for current classroom educators. If you are not currently a practicing teacher or in a pre-service teacher program, please note that this course may not meet your needs. Any licensed Utah K-12 teacher who wishes to take these courses can register

ONLINE COURSE REGISTRATION LIMITS: You may register for a MAXIMUM of two Science online endorsement courses per term.


  • The cost for each 12-week endorsement course is $400 for a current USTA Member and $500 for a Non USTA Member (Join USTA and save significantly). The registration cost includes the fee to post the SUU Credit to a transcript. There is no requirement that participants are a matriculated student at SUU to earn credit. 
  • Along with the registration costs some courses may have modest costs that will be described in the course description. Some courses will require the purchase of course materials including but not limited to texts, digital resources, and/or professional organization memberships.
USTA/UEN Online Endorsement Course Schedule (Click on each class for more information and to register)
 Winter/Spring 2018 (Jan - Apr) Summer 2018 (May - Aug)  Fall 2018 (Sep - Dec)
  • USTA/UEN Lab Safety Certification
Others announced soon...
  • USTA/UEN Lab Safety Certification
Others announced soon...
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